Design as Sound (and Sound as Design)
This ongoing project is a thesis surrounding multidisciplinary, multi-sensory design. Consisting of several deliverables, the focus is how graphic design, a visual-heavy subject, could be created with other senses. Visual impairment is something that has affected many people like me, so how could graphic design, and other art forms, be conveyed? Sound design is one solution where visual meets audio, and audiovisuals can become touch or interactive. The first part is a book that breaks down what sound art is, how it is created, and how it could be visualized. Throughout, there are embossed elements which explore touch.
The main project consists of three experimental musical compositions, three explorable environments, and three posters. These environments, created in Unity and can be downloaded here, are the product of physically turning sound waves into objects, then creating scenes from those objects. The colors and visuals generated were based on the research of people with chromatic synesthesia (those that see colors when listening to sounds) and general color theory and association with sound. The final result of these environments were then turned into posters to show a more polished visual. To hear the full song(s), click here.